Spelling Can Be F-U-N!

Becky Spence of This Reading Mama is my favorite speaker at this year’s convention. Her classes are meeting me exactly where I am at with my two oldest.

I really enjoyed her covering the pitfalls of traditional spelling, why kids misspell words and making spelling fun!

What makes spelling fun?
-Being developmental appropriate
-Having hands on exposure

I am really interested in trying out the hands-on learning. Some things Becky recommends is:
-Letter tiles
-Word Sorts
-Photo stacking blocks
-Pocket chart
-Creating letters out of Legos

She has tons of resources on her website for bunches of hands on printable activities. Here are some I’m planning to use:

-Long Vowel (Roll a word activity)
-Bendy Sticks spelling practice
-Roll & Write Sight words
-Short Vowel Word Study app-$2.99
-Long Vowel Word Study app-$2.99

Here are some resources she also recommends to aid you & your child in spelling:


Please check out her website and use it! It’s such a valuable resource for me, I know it will be to you as well.


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