From the moment homeschool curriculum catalogs started coming in I was drawn to Sonlight. At the time it was financially impossible for us to purchase it. This year we were blessed with some extra money at Christmas time and we decided to use it towards investing in the boys school.

F will be using P4/5 for his Kindergarten year and P will be using Core B for his 2nd grade year. We are all excited about all the books. We LOVE to read! It’s going to be a fun 2015/16 school year. Here are some pictures of box day:











I can’t wait to share our full school choices for 2015/2016 soon. Still deciding on math & spelling.

Please share your plans for what you are using. I love hearing what works for others.


3 thoughts on “BOX DAY!!!

  1. best day ever 😀 !! My girls were sad this year, we opted to buy a few books of their lists used lol. So the first package was a bit smaller, but through the next few weeks several smaller packages should be coming ! Love the selections of books, sonlight’s selection of books is awesome !

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  2. We’ll be using All About Spelling and Singapore Math this fall. I’ve heard both are very good. We recently started using All About Reading, and my daughter and I both love it so far. I’m hoping we’ll like All About Spelling just as much.

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