Life of Fred

Where to begin…

Math was starting to get extremely frustrating for my oldest son, age 7. It was the last thing he wanted to do each day. He would scream and cry because he hated it so much. He has ASD and writing is what he struggles with and we had a curriculum that was worksheet based and was mostly writing, so it got to the point where we were just doing the answers verbally instead of writing.

I was on the hunt for a math program that would capture his attention and he would be excited about math again. While we were in Nashville for TTD my sister showed me The Life of Fred math books. They were like no other math book I had seen before and I knew just reading through the first few chapters that it was a good fit for my guy.
I ordered the first book, Apples, and we got it in a couple of weeks ago.


He now begs for math to do first thing in the morning and we do at least 3 chapters a day. We have been flying through it. Since both of the boys have been down with the stomach bug all week we have not gotten much done, but P did not let me skip out on his daily dose of Fred. We giggle through each chapter and it has made math a joy again for my boy. He even writes his problems that Fred asked at the end of each chapter with no fussing. I am so very happy to have found something that works so well in engaging my child to love learning.

Thank you Fred & Kingie! We flew through your adventures in Apples and now we are moving to Butterflies!



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