Homeschool Curriculum Choices 2015/2016 for Kindergarten 

I’m almost done planning for my kindergartener’s upcoming school year.  Let me just say this now…PRAY FOR ME!!! My adorable 5 year old son is my mini-me and we know how to push each other’s buttons 😁 He is my child that is argumentative and apparently already knows everything so he doesn’t need to be in school, he says.  Again…PRAY FOR ME!!!  Haha!!!

We love homeschooling and it fits for our family.  The boys are best friends and hate being away from each other.  I can’t tell you how many things F has learned by listening in on P’s school work.  F is a natural with math concepts and loves handwriting.  He is reading some 3 & 4 letter CVC words.  So this homeschool year for him we are going to take it slow and have lots of fun!  Because he is 5, he needs to enjoy playing and having fun and learning through play.  Here is what I have planned out for Fox.

Fox will also be doing Sonlight.  He will be working through Core P4/5 with Language Arts K. When this came in he was excited to see so many books about bunnies.  The kid loves bunnies!

Here is his Bible story book we will read from each day.

He has some great language arts materials that he will be working through.  I love these Developing the Early Learner books to help him with his readiness skills.

Our read alouds throughout the year will be some awesome books.  I’m really excited with the ones we will be reading through.

He will also be learning about world cultures and community helpers.

He will be joining in with Phoenix on science, but we will be reading some fun science books just for him and having fun.

For math, I know we will be starting Life of Fred.  I will be adding in Mathematical Reasoning Level A to start him out on and we will play some fun math games with counting bears, etc…

For geography he will be working through the geography book his brother just finished. It’s simple and fun and works well for starting out.

I’m excited about F’s school year.  He will continue with karate in the afternoons. He wants to be a Ninja Master when he grows up, so he can’t stop learning, he says. It will be a super busy year for us…especially with this curious girl getting into everything.

Who me?

What are your plans for your homeschool year?  I love hearing what everyone has planned and what works for you.


3 thoughts on “Homeschool Curriculum Choices 2015/2016 for Kindergarten 

  1. We are doing Sonlight Core A and I was SO tempted to buy the P4/5 core, but ultimately decided against that. So I will be looking forward to seeing how you guys like it this year. And my 1st grader is also super argumentative (1st born, only girl, super social, thinks she knows it all), and it is SO difficult for this momma too! I will be praying for you…. maybe you can pray for me too. 🙂

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