Homeschool Curriculum choices for 2015/2016

I am almost done planning out my oldest son’s 2nd grade school year.  We are switching over to Sonlight after using My Father’s World for 2 years.  I loved MFW and will go back to it at some point, but it was time for a switch.

I chose Sonlight Core B for my 2nd grade son. We will be studying ancient worlds. 

 The history selections of books are wonderful and we have already enjoyed glancing through them.


We usually start our day out doing our Bible time first. Sonlight has Bible incorporated into their curriculum, so we will be using that.

 We will also be adding in a devotional book from time to time and The Answers in Genesis Answers for Kids series.

For language arts, we will be using some parts of Sonlight’s LA2 program.  I will modify it somewhat for P to fit his learning style better. The books that come with LA2 are awesome!!!

For spelling, we are switching from All About Spelling to Spelling by Sound & Structure by Rod & Staff.  I’m excited because this will be a much better fit for my guy.

For math we will continue Life of Fred and add in some Horizons 2 as well.  He loves LoF and Mama loves Horizons, so we compromised.

My sweet boy hates handwriting, and we are still working on getting better with that.  He writes well it’s just getting him to do it.  We are taking it slow and doing Handwriting Without Tears 1st grade again to improve on some things. Sonlight has some handwriting mixed in with their language arts program, so he will be getting lots of practice this year.


For science I started a local science co-op for this Fall with 6 other families. We have 14 kids that will be participating in the co-op this year along with a nursery class for siblings.  It should be a fun first year using God’s Design for Heaven & Earth by Answers in Genesis.  We will be rotating teachers throughout the year and taking a lot of fun field trips and family trips.  P & F are super excited about this study with their buddies.

For art we will be using Exploring Great Artists along with printable lessons I found off Pinterest. We used this book some while we were doing Classical Conversations in K & 1st grade and P & I both enjoyed the study, so we are digging deeper with more studies. F will also be doing this along with us.

The boys have been really wanting to learn Spanish and we have some great friends that are fluent in Spanish and the boys are very eager to learn, so they will both be doing this together.

P’s read alouds with Sonlight Core B are below and he & I both love to read so we are super excited about these great books!

As I type all this out I realize how much more things 2nd grade has than 1st, and how busy we will be this year with also having a Kindergartner and a 1 year old running around getting into everything.  As always, we will set a schedule and try our best to stick with it, but I have learned to be flexible and life happens.  I’m just very blessed to be able to homeschool my children and be with them everyday. We always have fun!


2 thoughts on “Homeschool Curriculum choices for 2015/2016

  1. Great choices! We LOVED Leading Little Ones to God. I highly recommend that to every home schooling family with little ones! And oh how we loved The Wheel on the School. Good memories. Thanks for sharing your curriculum choices. And thanks for joining the blog. Nice to meet you!


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