Weighted Blankets rock!


P has started his occupational therapy for sensory integration and help with transition throughout the days.  He is mild on the ASD/Aspergers scale and has no learning delays, he’s just particular…aren’t we all 😊!

One of the suggestions from the OT was to get a weighted blanket, so we did and boy does that thing rock!  It’s like you are getting a hug the whole time it’s on you and I want one now.

It has helped P tremendously throughout the day and during transitional times (from weekend to weekday, traveling, vacations, new places, etc). His nervous system needs that added pressure during anxious moments and he also sleeps with it at night.

I’m so grateful we are getting some wonderful help through occupational therapy, it’s already been helping so much.  

I’m hoping to post more on what we work on with him each week in hopes that it might help someone else that is going through the same thing.  Oh & I thought I would steal the blanket for a bit.  I’m looking into getting one for me.   😁



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