First day of school 2015/2016

I have a 2nd grader and a Kindergartener this year and a very curious little 1 year old.  We are trying a year round schedule this year so we can take our time and this Mom can balance out 2 students work this year.

I started with my Kinder son first because he’s usually the one that is ready to play ASAP. My older son would pretty much do school work all day.  F complained a bit and answered every math question with poopie this and poopie that 😳, and laughed quite a bit, but otherwise did his reading and other assignments without much fuss. 


P is in 2nd grade and doing Sonlight Core B. There is a lot more writing this year and I thought meltdowns would occur, but he had a great attitude today and got everything done.


His handwriting has improved greatly this year and I’m so proud of how hard he tries to get his letter formations right.

We also switched to Rod & Staff spelling this year and he liked the workbook style much better.  We are mixing this in with Sonlight’s spelling. 

Since Core B focuses on Ancient history, we are incorporating History Pockets, Ancient Civilzations. Instead of doing pockets, we are cutting out and Notebooking the pages. 

Of course when Miss B wasn’t napping I was chasing her around the house. She loves the boys room and is almost always in there pulling things out of their drawers.



It was a great first day back. Ahhh, it’s so nice to be back on a schedule.   

Have you started your homeschool back? How’d your first day go?


One thought on “First day of school 2015/2016

  1. We’re also giving a year round schedule a test drive. This is our second week. We’re using Trail Guide to Learning and Teaching Textbooks for all 3 of the kiddos this year.

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