Homeschooling with a little

She’s cute…I know that’s what your thinking…but this girl is a stinker! I knew homeschooling while having a mobile 1 year old was going to be interesting…just didn’t know how much so.  

Today has been one of those days I would have liked to reset and start over. While working on reading with my kindergartener, my adorable girl decided to flip a side table over on top of her head and left a big whelp.

She is fine and I did every test on her to make sure she didn’t damage her brain…but good grief, it was scary.
Then the 5 year old’s attitude went south and he was grumpy for a bit. Sheesh…let’s just say he’s stubborn….really really stubborn. 

Then we had Lowe’s come and do an install in our kitchen today and that was another thing added to the list Mommy had going on.

Thankfully I have a very patient 2nd grader who waited his turn and was such a helper to me today.  I know everyday is not going to be as crazy as today.  I try to remind myself that if God calls you to it, He will get you through it.  

I love my kids and having them at home with me is such a joy! A true joy! I’m thankful to God for arming me with the things I need to make it through everyday. He heard a lot from me today, that’s for sure.

When your homeschool day gets off to a crazy start or doesn’t go as planned, what helps you? Also, if you have littles underfoot, especially ones that love finding trouble, how do you find something to occupy them for more than 30 seconds? 
Answer away! This mommy needs some tips. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Homeschooling with a little

  1. You could have the 2nd grader play with her while you are focusing on the Kinder. Then trade off and have the Kinder play with Little Miss while you’re working with the 2nd grader. Also, if you haven’t seen any of her videos, Nicki of afarmhousefull on YouTube may have more helpful info too. She has 7 kids, 2 of which are little littles. Blessings.

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