Ancient Egypt Unit Study

Back last summer as I was mapping out my boy’s upcoming school year, I was giddy with excitement that they would be studying Ancient Egypt. That was my favorite time in history to study when I was growing up.

We use Sonlight Core B, but I break it down a bit to incorporate some fun units to include both boys who are in K & 2nd grade. The boys were super excited about the unit.  Here is what we used for our Ancient Egypt unit study:

The Usborne Time Traveler book is what we started with as we traveled back in time to visit Ancient Egypt. The boys loved the two page spreads with bit size chunks of information. We looked at this book a lot during our study.  

I also got them both sticker books. I got my 2nd grader the one that showed real life pictures and artifacts and had quite a lot of great info about the Kings, the tombs, etc…

Ancient Egypt Sticker Book 
My younger son loves all things gross like zombies and when I saw this sticker book, I knew he would love it!

Egyptian Mummies Sticker Book

I was so happy to find this book (below) at Teach Them Diligently in Nashville last year and snatched it up.  My oldest loves doing the postcards and mailing them to his best friend and cousin, Isabelle.  Instead of creating pockets, we cut out the sheets and keep them in a notebook.

The last thing I incorporated with our Ancient Egypt study is Top Secret Adventures with Highlights.  I had signed the boys up months ago for it and saved the Egypt one for this unit study.  The Top Secret Adventures gives you a key chain from that country, a non fiction fact book, spy clues and 6 “who-did-it” characters. You work to eliminate them while learning all about Egypt.  So cool!!!

We took about 5 weeks to cover Egypt and it was so fun! Coming up next…Our Ancient Greece unit study!

Do you use unit studies in your homeschool? I would love to hear what books have worked for you.


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