Ocean Animals Study

My kids love The Octonauts…actually I do too. I love that my boys are learning about unusual sea creatures in a fun way.  We are doing a unit study on ocean animals this month and watching the show and having a blast so far with it.

Here are some of the resources we are using to dive deeper on some of the animal. 😁

 What’s Under The Sea?
  We are loving this book. Especially the underwater homes section.  We went on YouTube and watched a video on actual underwater homes, hotels and aquatic laboratories.  

1001 Things to Spot in the Sea  

  My 6 year old loves look & find books, so this is one of his favorites this month.  He always gets so excited to find the sea creatures. And he is building his knowledge of new words at the same time.

Usborne Discovery-Sharks (Internet-linked)

This Sharks book is so cool & creepy.  The pictures are amazing.  We love it because it’s Internet-linked, which means we can type in the Usborne link listed in the book and have a list of safe, recommended websites that pull up with fun videos, games or more in depth information about sharks. So, so great!

How Deep is the Sea?

  How Deep is the Sea is a precious story about a penguin named Pipkin.  He’s a curious little fellow and it’s his journey on finding out how deep the sea is.  It also comes with a really really long poster that shows the depths and zones of the ocean, along with pictures featured in the book.

Usborne World of Animals (Internet-linked)

The World of Animals book is really an encyclopedia of animals from all over the world.  This book is also Internet-linked.  We have been going over this page and using the link on the page to learn some amazing facts about ocean life.

We are continually adding resources to this unit as we go along.  I created an ocean animals sensory bin with some plastic ocean animals, fake coral and some pretty blue rocks and the boys have been playing with it everyday.  I just have to watch the toddler…she tries to eat the rocks. Are there any resources that you have found useful for studying ocean life?  Please share!


6 thoughts on “Ocean Animals Study

  1. My son is also extremely interested in the sea! We have been reading a lot of books over the past year, but I LOVE the ones you have included here! Thanks so much. I can also highly recommend the National Geographic Kids First book of the Ocean – they also have higher level books. A great addition to your already wonderful selection! Thanks again.


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