Teach Them Diligently 2016


In 2 weeks (well actually…13 days), I will be heading to The Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention in Nashville, TN.  My first year to go was 2015 and WOW, did I love it!  I am so excited to be going this year with 3 of my closest and dearest homeschool mama friends.  I pretty much annoyed them to no end until they gave in and decided to come with me….hehehe!  I’m just looking out for them.  I know I need time away to refresh my perspective, learn some new things and have fun and I knew they needed that as well…even though they didn’t want to admit it.

This year there are so many good speaker sessions to go and hear.  I have had a really hard time narrowing it down.  I will be blogging during each of these sessions, so if one of these sessions sounds good to you…be on the lookout for my blog recapping the session.  Here are the sessions I am attending this year.


2PM-4PM-Leadership Summit (for homeschool co-op leaders, support groups, umbrella schools), presented by HomeLife Academy, with speakers such as Tennessee Senator Mike Bell, Chair of the Senate Government Operations Committee and homeschooling dad. • Attorney Mike Donnelly, HSLDA Director of Global Outreach. • Israel Wayne, Homeschool speaker & Director of Family Renewal.

3:30PM-Parenting the Challenging Child with Christopher and Heather Laurie: I need all the help I can get on this topic.

6:30PM-Multi-Age and Multi-Subject All Together…Without Mom Losing Her Mind by Julia Nall: Do you desire to have all your children gathered around the table studying together?  Do you want a simple plan that is easy to follow and has an open and go feel to it?  Come learn about BiblioPlan as well as tips and tricks for teaching history, literature and more across multi-age levels.

8PM-Nuturing Competent Communicators-The Power of Linguistic Patterns with Andrew Pudewa (Institute for Excellence in Writing): Do you think that readers will naturally become writers or that writing talent is just a natural ability?  Andrew exposes these myths and shares powerful strategies for building language patterns and nurturing competent communicators in your family.


9AM-Homeschooling with Autism is AWESOME with Heather Laurie: You can successfully, responsibly, and with great joy homeschool your child with autism!  We discuss everything from the curriculum adjustments, how to get needed therapies, and even the socialization questions. From K-12 how to help have a wonderful homeschooling journey.

3PM-Using Unit Studies to Ignite Learning in Your Homeschool with Tami Fox: Join Tami as she talks about how unit studies bring fun into your homeschool.  Children learn best and recall information that they experience in a hands-on way.  Bring history to life through living books and discovery learning.  Experience science first-hand.

4:30PM-The Toddler Toolbox with Megan Scheibner:  Need help in managing your homeschooling day with toddlers in the house?  Join Megan as she draws on her 23 years of homeschooling experience with 8 toddlers in tow to help you craft a plan for success.  This intensely practical workshop will help you transform the terrible twos into the terrific twos!

6:00PM-STEM Education for Homeschoolers with Jason Lindsey: In this hands-on session, you will discover how to implement STEM into your current curriculum and explore ways to get your homeschoolers excited about STEM by using everyday items from around the house.

8PM-Mom’s Night of Real Refreshment with Rachael Carman


10:30AM-Experience Astronomy: Making Science Fun Again! with Luke Gilkerson:  Science doesn’t need to be a boring subject of textbooks and vocabulary.  God has provided an amazing laboratory in the sky!  Since ancient times, one of the classical arts in education was astronomy, and with a few simple tools, you can bring the sky to life for an unforgettable year of learning!

1PM-Teaching Boys and Other Children Who Would Rather Make Forts All Day! with Andrew Pudewa: The title says it all!  I mean…who wouldn’t want to attend this class! I hope we get to make a fort!

3PM-Gifted and Talented Science for Homeschoolers with Jason Lindsey:  In this hands-on session, you will discover a variety of FREE resources and activities, which will help you better understand your gifted homeschooler and help them reach their potential in science.

If you have never been to TTDNashville…or any of their other convention sites, I highly recommend it.  It was such a wonderful help to me last year and really help me gain perspective on how I want my homeschooling to look like.  It was fantastic to be surrounded with thousands of other homeschool mamas just like me.  Oh and the vendor hall is AWESOME!!!  I am so excited to share this experience with my friends this year!  WOOT!!!






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