Use Unit Studies to Ignite Learning in Your Homeschool


The next session I went to was with Tami Fox.  I really enjoyed this session a lot because we do a ton of unit studies in our homeschool.  She had a lot of great points in her talk.


Unit Studies definitely foster family relationships.  I love this about unit studies.

A unit study is a way of teaching that allows the student or teacher to choose a topic and study it using many subjects.  What subjects work well with Unit Studies?


Science, History, art and music all work well for unit studies.  What doesn’t work well?  Reading/phonics, spelling, writing/grammar and math.

I love that when we use unit studies you can teach different ages at the same time.  Just choose your topic and assign work based on ability.  Incorporate family field trips to go along with the study.





I really enjoyed this session so much.  We love doing unit studies in our house. A few unit studies we have been doing lately are, Ocean animals, Greek Myths, and now we are working on an Ancient China unit study.  Do you use unit studies in your homeschool?  If so, what has been a family favorite?  What resources do you use? We have used Five in a Row, KONOS, and A Journey Through Learning lapbooks for our unit studies.


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