Sonlight Core B review 


We used Sonlight Core B for my 2nd grade son this past year and we LOVED it!  I’ll break down what woked for us, our favorite parts and the things we didn’t really care for.  

I really love the schedule layout that Sonlight has.  I felt like it was very easy, open and go with very little teacher prep.  We were very pleased with the history book choices and really enjoyed all of them.  For Bible, I was not a fan of Leading Little Ones to God, but we did enjoy Missionary Stories with the Millers.  My son would pick that everyday to read.  We loved the stories. The only thing I felt was lacking was some hands on crafts/Notebooking for history.  We added this to do notebooking along with our ancient history studies.

We loved loved loved the read aloud books throughout the year.  His favorite was Henry Huggins and Owls in the Family.  The only ones we didn’t really care for were, Understood Betsy and The Wheel on the School.  I loved Charlotte’s Web, Mr Popper’s Penguins, Mrs Piggle Wiggle and Little Pear. Such great literature choices.

We did use Sonlight Language Arts 2 and we were please with it.  I specifically enjoyed the book choices for my son.  The only thing we did differently was he read the entire book in one sitting and answered all of the comprehension questions after reading and we were done.  He liked doing that better than spreading out the book over a five day period. He sped through the books very fast.  He also loved Thd Beginner’s Bible and flew through that. We also enjoyed working through the activity sheets, he just didn’t care much for the copy work, but he hates to write.  He loved the Explode the Code books and got really good at doing those. We are definitely continuing with those books.

We never used the Sing the Word cd. 

I also incorporated some age appropriate history studies on YouTube and Netflix and we watched those every so often.

Overall Sonlight Core B was a fantastic year.  Are we using it for 2016/2017? No, but I’ll elaborate in a later post.  We will be coming back to Sonlight for Core D though in a year or so.  We definitely love their cores.



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