What I’m reading September 2017

Oh let me just say that I’ve up my reading list by a ton for September. I added some new books on parenting for our home library…because I desperately need some guidance in a few areas. 

I’m really enjoying Scream Free Parenting, The Five Love Languages of Children, The Highly Sensitive Child and Parenting with Love and Logic. The Five Love Languages of Children is a great one. It’s by Gary Chapman and he has one for couples called The Five Love Languages. It’s a fantastic book that I read before I got married and I knew the children’s version would be just as good. 

My husband surprised me this week by taking me and the kids to the bookstore one evening (books are my love language). I got a devotional book by Beth Moore, Jesus, The One and Only. I just finished a indepth DVD Bible study on David with her this summer and loved it. I’m only 2 chapters in, but am loving it so far.

The Life-Giving Home by Sally and Sarah Clarkson is my current favorite and I’m almost done with it. Soooo good!!! Really everything by Sally Clarkson is fantastic!!! 

The Well Trained Mind is my “I’m always reading” book. We follow a lot of the suggestions in the book and I gain more insights into patterning our school days after this book. 

Oh Crap, Potty Training made me laugh when I saw the title. I need help in this area because it’s been quiet a while since I’ve potty trained a little one. It’s not something I’m looking forward to. I need a book that doesn’t take itself too seriously…this is that book. 

Lastly, my journal Bible my sister gave me a couple years ago is my go to Bible for my devotional study times. 

What are you guys reading this Fall? Please share. I love learning of new “must read” books. 


Homeschool Week 1 & 2 recap 

Well the first 2 weeks of school are in the books and those 2 weeks just flew by.  Here are my cute students below. 

B-age 3, really she just plays, colors, we read stories and do some fine motor work. Honestly she just destroys the house while I’m working with her brothers. 

This adorable guy is in 2nd Grade now. He’s definitely finding his groove with his subjects this year. Math is his favorite subject by far and he’s doing 2-3 lessons each day because he wants too. I’m excited he has a passion for math. That is something I never developed. 

My big boy, the 4th grader now…unbelievable that he’s that big now. He’s had the most changes come at him this year, which has been tough for him. I’ve made adjustments and we’ve scrapped curriculum and moved things around to suit his learning better. One of the things we’ve scrapped is Notgrass America the Beautiful. It was just too dry and textbook for us. All of us love a literature based approach and trying something different didn’t work and we all knew it very quickly. We moved back to our Story of the World Volume 3. Last year we finished Volume 2 and loved it. Everyone is much happier. 

He is also using Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool Math 4 and their Language Arts (minus Spelling) and Reading. He really enjoys working online and changing those 2 things for him have made a huge difference in his learning.  I have to say that Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool is growing on me…especially for my oldest. Another thing we scrapped was All About Spelling. It’s just not a good fit for him. We are using Natural Speller and combining it with Spelling City and it’s a big hit!! He’s taken off with his spelling and grown a lot more self confidence in that area. 

We are loving Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics. The boys are so fascinated with all the experiments and are grasping the concepts really well. 

B is loving the button matching/color game I created for her and her do-a-dot markers. 

Enjoying an afternoon at the park. 

Doing his favorite subject 

Below are the boys really getting into their experiments with Chemistry.

Created a model of the Jamestown settlement. We had fun doing this. 

Celebrating the end of the first week of school by having donuts for breakfast. 

How has your school year been going? Any changes or schedule changes that you’ve had to make. I’d love to hear. Thanks for reading. Enjoy your day. 

2017/2018 Homeschool Curriculum for 2nd Grade 

Reading & Language Arts:

This fall my son will continue finishing up Sonlight Core A that he started in January. We have a few read alouds left to go through. He’s finished up Sonlight Language Arts 1, and will be moving on to Sonlight Language Arts 2. We love the LA program with Sonlight! It fits this boy perfectly. 

Science: Finishing up Sonlight Science A and sitting in on big brother’s chemistry and physics study.

Math: Teaching Textbooks 3 (we love this program) 

History & Geography: from Confessions of a Homeschooler

Critical Thinking: Mind Benders from The Critical Thinking Company

Handwriting: A Reason for Handwriting B

He will also be taking a fun Foundations class that is kind of like a Five in a Row type class at our local co-op and he will also be taking art there. 


2017/2018 Curriculum for 4th Grade

Here is what we’ve settled on for my oldest son for 4th Grade. 

Bible: Who is God by Apologia

History: Notgrass America the Beautiful with some Story of the World 3 & 4 woven in

Science: Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics by Apologia (huge lab/experiments kit not pictured)

Math: Teaching Textbooks 5

English/Writing: Essentials in Writing 4 and he’s also taking an intensive writing class at our co-op this year

Spelling: All About Spelling Level 3 (not pictured)

Handwriting: A Reason for Handwriting T (transition to cursive)

Critical Thinking: Mind Benders, plus a ton of Critical Thinking games

Vocabulary: Word Roots (Critical Thinking Co.) and Notgrass America the Beautiful 

Art: He will have art this year through our co-op

We are throughly enjoying our summer and I’m doing a little planning here and there. What curriculum have you chosen for your school year? 


Vive la France Dinner 

We have been studying the Hundred Years War with Story of the World and have really been enjoying this unit study so much. 

Since our geography of France hit around the same time, we decided to have a French dinner and presentation. It’s a nice way to include Daddy who’s usually at work during the daily studies. 

We decided on Soupe L’Oignon (onion soup), Tomates (Tomatoes roasted with garlic, spices and olive oil), homemade French bread and Chocolate Truffles. It was so delicious! We read about proper French etiquette and set the table as the French would. 

It was such a fun night! Have you doing a country study that your kids just really enjoyed? Let me know, comment below.