My Review of ‘All About Spelling’


When my son started first grade, I wanted to start a spelling program with him. We were already using All About Reading Level 2 and All About Reading Pre-level, so I knew All About Learning Press made great curriculum.

When it came in we started it and at first I hated it. I hated the tiles, the approach and everything. But guess what…my son loved it! He was mastering spelling and loved his spelling tests. So in order for me, the teacher to like it, I redid some things that bugged me about the program and now Mommy/Teacher is happy too. Here is a few things we tweaked in case someone else is having difficulty.

In the first part of each lesson it has you spell a word with the tiles, which I let P do.


Then it asked that you spell the next ten words using the tiles.

This part I skipped because P didn’t like searching for all the letters. So instead of having a frustrated child, I just skipped that part. We went straight to going over the word cards and then on to the spelling test.


It has worked wonders for both of us skipping over the tiles. No curriculum will be absolutely perfect and there will always be something you need to tweak. Find out what frustrates your child and take a look at what frustrates you, the teacher. Start again and see if those changes make a difference.

What spelling program does your family use? What fun ways do you incorporate spelling fun at home?